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Newgrounds lost hope in Stamper.

Leetul fishy lawst hoep in the Intarwebs.

You could really fucking hear that guy was Swedish

Mark my words; You're gonna regret this day!

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I lol'd...

Since I never knew my dad was a crossdresser.

Suncomes responds:

Maybe he was. Maybe your mom was. Maybe you'll be. Que sera sera!

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Who needs gameplay?

This game was so fantastically great that it gave me shivers. Good shivers.
The story of the whole thing was fucking unexplainably vivid and it made me look at everything from a different perspective, life, future, predictions, the past, everything. This idea is really unique, and you feel like you are the characters, that you really are in charge; You have a choice, and just like in real life - those choices are hard to make. And the whole thing of the Once Chance-idea is simply awesome, (even though I made several accounts just to see how it all ended up, since I got killed).
I can't thank you enough, man. So I'm going to go ahead and thank you.
Thank you.

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At which point does this game get hard?

Probaply the best click game ever made on NG.

It has everything; Thrills, story, humor, and more.
Keep up the good work, man.

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Good job, man.

You've made a pretty sweet drumline. The only thing I really don't like about the whole thing is that the bass is so fat and sawy.
If you're using FL Stuido, then I'd recommend you to use the x3 Osc, and change the sublines to the wave-preset. Sounds really good then.

Well, it's up to you to decide.

Great job! Keep the good work up!

And by the way; Don't mind the ultra-fagget named KillBillvolume2, he's just a wannabe trolling fishcunt fuckgnome.

8 / 10

4.13 / 5.00 (- 0.0061) Sorry for the minus.

IKONiC responds:

He and I are actually friends lol

One unexplainable thing is...

How you could NOT fap to this. I think I came early, anyways...
Doesn't matter. Fucking awesome tune, man.
Keep all of your creativity up!


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This is beyond chill!

I love the sliced rides. But it gets kind of, (with all respect), kind of shitty at 0:58 when you tried to make it a little less repetetive. You should have kept the main beat and put in some ambient sounds instead, like a pad, then it wouldn't have ruined the whole feeling of relaxation.
But otherwise; Great tune.



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LiNaK37 responds:

Swedish people are from Sweden.

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In Soviet Russia...

DMattias draws like a real artist!

dmattias responds:

Sarkasm or what? but thanks


Fucking awesome! It feels good to be able to show your work of art here on Newgrounds now, huh?

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Erty responds:

So true. At DeviantArt I never got any responce, but 20 votes here already I feel good ^^


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I'm getting teached by a bum.



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